When cut or similar trauma where there is presence of bleeding this might for into a blood clot. Sometimes, however, a blood clot can occur in the deep veins. It is important to know the symptoms as they are often ignored. Here’s what to pay attention …

1. Discoloration of the skin
When there is a blood clot, we may notice discoloration, like a bruise on the skin. It is also possible redness and sensation of heat.

2. Pain in your arm or leg
Discoloration of the skin and is accompanied by other symptoms, such as pain. Unfortunately, the pain of the blood clot could easily be confused with muscle pain or spasm. The discomfort usually occurs when you try to shrink or legs while walking.

3. Swelling
Swollen arm or leg is next characteristic sign of a blood clot. It can block blood circulation, leading to accumulation of blood and subsequently swelling.

4. Breathlessness
Blood clot in the lung may limit the inflow of oxygen. If you have difficulty to take a deep breath or feel the feeling like fluttering in the chest, this may be among the signs of pulmonary embolism.

5. Unexpected cough
If we can not stop coughing that is accompanied by shortness of breath and palpitations, can also be a symptom of pulmonary embolism. If in doubt, we should immediately consult a doctor.