You’ve already heard that hard liquor, shakes and sodas are not enemies of the scale. They are not the only drinks you are accustomed to and that can seriously confuse your dietary plans, says Karen Anson, author of “Healing Superfoods for Anti-Aging: Stay Younger, Live Longer”. You must remove from your diet the following liquids:

1. Caffeine drinks

Mokachino, frappuccino, latte spices and so on.. – Forget about them! They look harmless – coffee, milk and additives, but it eventually turned out with hundreds of poets empty calories! If you hold their dose of caffeine, drink black coffee.

2. Low-fat milk

If you think skim milk will help in the struggle with your weight, you’re wrong. “Low-fat milk may have slightly fewer calories, but it is low in important nutrients. Better drink milk with 2 percent fat, as it contains enough calcium to burn fat more efficiently, “explains Anson.

3. Ice Tea

Almost every kind of iced tea full of sugar. On average bottle contains 11 spoonfuls of sugar. Better do your homework iced tea, which sweeten less and to which you can add a little lemon for flavor.

4. Fruit juice

No matter how “clean” is a fruit juice, it contains a lot of sugar, a glass of 100 percent grape juice has 9 teaspoons sugar; cup of 100% apple juice has 7 teaspoons sugar; glass of 100% orange juice has a 6 teaspoons of sugar. Avoid any fruit drinks, whose label indicating the contents of added sugar.

5. The smoothies

At first glance, one fruit or vegetable troubled looks completely appropriate for your diet. Would you eaten at once, however, 4-5 servings of fruits / vegetables? The problem with this drink is that you can often overdone amount without feeling – and that are more calories, said Anson.

6. Energy drinks

If you need energy drinks, you or not eating properly or not getting enough sleep, so you do not have energy. Absorption of food and burning fat is not good. With such drinks only tread body with sugar and harmful preservatives, but do not improve the functions and performance. Better get to work on his regime, not having to keep awake and energetic with artificial stimulants.