Overeating is definitely harmful and can interfere with metabolism in the body, but malnutrition also does nothing well. Every day our body requires certain calories to function normally. When you deprive it of essential nutrients, it can turn against you.

If you are on a diet or do not eat regularly, take care of the following signs and take precautions if they occur:

Permanent fatigue

One of the main reasons for a feeling of fatigue and fatigue all the time is the intake of fewer calories. This leads to a delay in the metabolism and functioning of organs that do not receive the necessary energy.

Permanent feeling of hunger

If you do not eat enough, you will experience constant hunger that acts not only physically but also mentally.

Hair loss

The lack of nutrients and vitamins is particularly noticeable on hair. She starts to drip. This is one of the first indications that you must change your diet as a matter of urgency.

Sleep problems

When you eat less, your sleep is suffering. You sleep restlessly, you get hungry and you are tired from the morning.

You are constantly irritated

The brain also needs fuel to work. If you feel irritated for no reason, it probably lies in the lack of enough energy you do not give it.

It’s cold

Sometimes, if your body gets fewer calories than needed, its temperature decreases. If you are cold when the others are warm, you may need to change your eating habits.

You suffer from constipation

Constipation is often the result of malnutrition or over-strict diets. Constipation is also associated with problematic digestion and elimination of harmful substances directly depending on how much and how much food you take during the day.