You probably already know that to lose weight you need to eat healthy balanced meals.However, this is far enough! A study of Harvard University argues that the time to eat is just as important.

If you do not comply with circadian rhythm can increase blood sugar levels by 18%, which in turn immediately to lift and insulin in your body (the hormone responsible for storing fat in the body).

Here’s what should be your schedule:

Breakfast 6: 00-9: 45 hours

The results of a survey of National Weight Control Registry show that the majority of people weakened by more than 15 kilograms, eat at a certain time and then in this time range. In a study of obesity by 2015 even alleged that breakfast rich in protein to 9:45 in the morning sate for a long time and reduces the risk for the storage of body fat.

Snack – 2 and 4 hours after breakfast

It takes between 2 and 4 hours to digest food intake. Then hungry again. You can take some raw nuts like almonds, for example. Research shows that people who consume almonds in its snack, take in fewer calories during the day.

Lunch before 15 pm.

A study from 2016 published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which took part more than 1,600 people for 28 weeks showed that those who had lunch before 15 pm., Weakened by 25% more than other participants.

Snack – 2-4 hours after lunch

Again, timing is consistent with the time needed to digest the food from lunch and prevention of intake of more calories at dinner. Harvard University revealed in 2015 that people who rely on intermediate snack, eat more fruits and vegetables during the day, which helps in weight loss process.

Dinner between 17 and 19 hours

Investigation of Brigham University shows that those who eat dinner before 19 pm., Eat about 244 calories less by the end of the day. Another study adds that if you eat your last meal of the day until 19 pm., Will not only lose weight, but you will sleep better.